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We make numbers speak for your nonprofit activity

We build with Reports and Analytics in mind
You get to present the work you do in an elegant manner to donors and supporters

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We help you to implement, build and support Salesforce solutions.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Implementation and Support

Track fundraising activities, manage programs, and engage participants. Gain a comprehensive view of incoming donations and outgoing grants through our innovative Salesforce's Reports and Dashboards, providing you with the insights you need to drive your mission forward with confidence and impact.

Salesforce Integrations

Connect all your systems effortlessly, ensuring smooth communication between every platform you have or want to have

Salesforce Custom Components

Transform your Salesforce system into a personalized powerhouse with custom components! 🌟 Save valuable time, effortlessly understand your users' needs, and centralize all your work in a single, intuitive platform. Plus, supercharge productivity by automating processes seamlessly. Let's create a Salesforce experience that's uniquely yours, efficient, and incredibly effective!


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Enhance Engagement with Business Milestones

Understanding the key milestones of organizations provides invaluable context to

Personalize outreach efforts
Identify potential partners or donors
Tailor engagement strategies effectively
Foster deeper connections with organizations
Ultimately, driving more meaningful contributions and support.

Automate it

Maximize resources, focus more on your mission
Streamline operations; save time and resources
Reduce human error, ensuring data quality and reliability
Expand your impact without increasing administrative burden
Enhance communication with donors fostering stronger relationships

At a Glance Overview

Real-time data and insights
Data-driven Decision-Making
Monitor progress toward goals
visually compelling data presentations
evaluate program and campaigns effectiveness and impact
Improve Donor Engagement and Retention By analyzing behavior


Salesforce integrates with third-party tools, consolidating data and becoming the central source of truth for nonprofits.
This ensures real-time synchronization of donor info, event registrations, volunteer activities, and marketing interactions, providing a unified view of constituents and operations.

Email Marketing such as Pardot
Online Fundraising such as Classy
Event Management such as Eventbrite
Payment Processors such as Stripe and Kulturra
Volunteer Management such as Golden Volunteer
Check out more declarative integrations on the App Exchange

Didn't find you're looking for on the App Exchange, don't worry – we're equipped to craft a custom integration for you.

History of interactions

Track calls, emails, tasks, and events associated with each contact or account.
This consolidated view streamlines communication management, enhances follow-up processes, promotes collaboration, and nurtures relationships.

Drive Nonprofit Success with Salesforce Solutions

Program Management
Case Management
Volunteer Management
Grants Management

Donor Dreams, Real Impact

Salesforce transforms gift designation tracking for nonprofits by providing a streamlined platform to capture donor intentions . With customizable fields and robust reporting, nonprofits gain insights into donor preferences and trends, enhancing transparency and efficiency in fund allocation. Real-time collaboration and accessibility further facilitate seamless communication, maximizing the impact of each donation towards their mission.

And so much more...

Data Import and Export

Reports and Dashboards

Event Management

Mobile Accessibility

Community Portals

Multi-Currency Support

Multi-Language Support

Document Generation

Document Management

Security and Compliance

Constituent Relationship Management

Track and Manage Affiliations

Granular Sharing and Visibility

Real-Time Collaboration

Geolocation and Mapping

Case Escalation

Round Robin Assignments

Duplicate Management

Scheduled Reporting

Data Encryption